Friday, 28 December 2012

A Tenuous Link

I found this in my Amazon recommendations for the business account this morning:
The odd thing is, I use a different Amazon account for my personal orders, so wouldn't be ordering (or even searching for) DVD's on the business one. The idea is you buy one Bond movie, and they recommend several more Bond movies to you, and then others from the same genre, in the hope you'll buy more. So for example, I bought a book on MVC 3 last year, so they are now recommending the version of the book updated for MVC 4.
It works better on books and DVD's etc. For example, if you've bought one HP printer cartridge, they then show you recommendations for lots of other HP printer cartridges, not necessarily for your printer, so not really much use. They have a feature to 'fix this recommendation', so if you don't want to see any more recommendations for printer cartridges, you tick the box saying don't recommend this any more.

Since I haven't bought any Bond movies, I had a look at what item had caused Skyfall to be recommended to me. Turns out it was a copy of Norton Internet Security. Can't quite see the connection there.
The remake of the Sweeney was recommended to me, not because I enjoyed the original 1970's series, but because I bought a printer cartridge for an HP printer.
So what have we learned today? People who like Bond use Norton, people who like remakes of 1970's cop shows have HP printers, and Amazon like very tenuous links.