Friday, 6 March 2015

ZX Spectrum USB keyboard review in Micro Mart

Following on from the review of my ZX Spectrum Pi in Micro Mart a few months ago, there is a review of the ZX Spectrum USB Keyboard version in this weeks edition (5th-11th March, Issue 1352).
The score again was 9/10.
I had a query about the button on the back, this is used to change the keyboard mapping mode. The first mode is the everyday usable mode where the buttons make a click sound when pressed and the keys are mapped based on what is printed on the. The other mode each key is mapped directly, so it will work with an emulator. It's better than a PC keyboard when using an emulator, not only because the look and feel, but because the keys have all the marking on them (P=PRINT, J=LOAD etc.)
These are available from my Etsy store, where I've updated the listings for the version with the integrated Raspberry Pi. These are now offered with either the Raspberry Pi B+ (at a reduced price, whilst stocks last!) or with the new Raspberry Pi 2.