Thursday, 17 December 2015

Day 17 - Commodore 64 with Raspberry Pi2

This is day 17 of the Advent Calendar of USB keyboards. Today, an updated version of the Commodore 64 with Raspberry Pi2, using the new USB Keyboard with dual USB Joysticks.
The new board fits in the side of the case and provides USB keyboard and two USB joystick ports. It also has the option for a DC-DC converter to power a Raspberry Pi. The Pi though, cannot fit where I normally put it, as there is no space for the HDMI connector.
Given that, I go back to an older way of doing it, from when I was using the original Raspberry Pi which had the USB connectors sticking out more than the LAN and it didn't look right on the rear of a case.
The Pi is now mounted so the HDMI port can be accessed through the cutout for the datasette port, and there is also access to the composite video and audio jack.
A 4 port USB hub is plugged into one of the USB ports and provides 4 external USB ports.
The USB keyboard controller is plugged into one of the other ports, and power is fed direct to the Pi from the DC-DC. See the previous post on the Amiga 500 Pi for more info on the new DC-DC options.
The keyboard and keyboard LED are connected to the USB keyboard controller as before.
The joystick ports fit in the original side plate, with the mode switch now where the power switch was, and a DC jack where the power connection was. This is 12V in at up to 1A, powering the Pi at 5V up to 2A.
This option will be available soon from my Etsy store.

Tune in tomorrow to open another window on the Advent Calendar of USB keyboards.