Wednesday 23 December 2015

Day 23 - VIC20 USB keyboard with USB hub

This is day 23 of the Advent Calendar of USB keyboards. Today, a Commodore VIC20 USB keyboard with USB hub.
These keyboards are all built to order, so I'm happy to take requests for changes. On this occasion, I was asked if I could fit a USB hub in the side (instead of USB joystick ports).
No problem. It took a while to find a suitable USB hub with the right spacing between ports, but I found a nice 4 port one. The metalwork is actually from a Commodore 64, as the VIC20 only had one  joystick port.
This was fitted inside and hot melt glued in place. Three ports on the outside (one blocked by the metalwork), and one inside for the USB keyboard itself. Leaving a single USB lead from the back of the case.
In use, just plug your USB devices into the side of the keyboard.

Tune in tomorrow to open the final window on the Advent Calendar of USB keyboards. Will it be Ruud Gullit sitting on a shed?

2023 Update

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