Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dragon 32 USB keyboard kit

I have not produced a Dragon 32 USB keyboard kit until now, as no one had asked for one.
Someone has now asked for one, so here it is. The Dragon comes in a massive case, so there will be no shortage of room inside.
The keyboard is a simple 7x8 matrix connected to the mainboard with a 16 way 0.1" header. So just a case of unplugging that and plugging into one of my USB keyboard controllers.
The keyboard mapping is fairly straightforward, although the keyboard matrix is wired alphabetically rather than in straight rows and columns.
There are limited keys on the keyboard, so I have gone for a fairly straight key mapping, with 'BREAK' mapped as 'Escape' and 'CLEAR' mapped is backspace. Other than that it is my usual plan of making the keys match what is printed on them (i.e. 6 has & above it, so when you press shift + 6, I actually send shift + 7 so that an ampersand appears). A more complicated mapping could be added if required.
Not much more to say. Dragon 32 USB keyboard kit. Contact me if interested.