Sunday 4 December 2022

Loading a game from a damaged tape

This was originally at the end of another post, which has since been removed. I have split this out into a separate post as I have wanted to reference it a few times.

Just one addendum (as if this blog post wasn't already long enough). I found a game I remember I could never get to load.

It would always get to 1 block from the end, then fail.

Unfortunately, I had already tried the other side, and there was also damage to the tape and it failed even earlier. I decided to see if modern technology could save this (ignoring the easier option of buying another copy of the tape, creating one from an online copy of the game, or just loading it with an SIO2SD).

You can clearly see the damage at the start of side 1 and the end of side 2. So I did the usual cleanup and then spliced the start of side 2 with the end of side 1 and created a new wav file with the best of both copies.

I wrote this to tape and tried loading it. It got all the way to the last block...

...and then, 30 years after I got this tape, I finally got it to load.

Was it worth the wait. Probably not.

That was just a simple example, I can go into more details on the process if there is any interest in a longer post.


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