Sunday 19 November 2023

December shipping times

I am shipping to the USA and to Europe from my SellMyRetro store, but this is currently taking 1-2 weeks, and my have additional customs fees to pay.

This is likely to take longer as things get busier into December, so if you want to order anything to arrive for Christmas, you would be advised to order as soon as possible.

UK shipping should still be OK up to mid December, but it would be advisable to use the Special Delivery option later on to be safe.

What can you buy there?

Well, I am pleased you asked.

There are Minstrel and Mini PET PCBs, kits and assembled units.

Stocks of Minstrel boards are starting to run a bit low, and I doubt I will be getting more until the new year.

Stocks of the original Mini PET boards are also starting to run out, not sure if I will be getting any more of those. We will see.

There are various PCBs for other DIY projects, such as 1541 to 2031 conversion, 6532 to 6530 conversion, joystick emulation etc.

There are built versions of some diagnostic tools, such as the large PET ROM/RAM board and the new revision of the PET IEEE-4888 diagnostics board (also available in kit form).

USB keyboard controllers are also still available for various machines. I keep trying to discontinue those, but people keep asking for them.

What was the link again?

Any other options?

Yes, both of the following sites have better and faster shipping options

You can get my Minstrel 2 and 3 kits from, as well as exclusively two of my RC2014 modules, the 68B50 serial with clock and the joystick port.

The Future Was 8 bit

And you can get Minstrel 4D kits, the small PET ROM/RAM boards and my two PET games on cassette from


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