Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Enough Leafs to fill an autumn

They're multiplying! The three charging bays at work were full again today, three black Nissan Leafs. Is it 'Leafs', I don't think 'Leaves' is right, although I'm not sure there are normally enough of them in the same place for anyone to have thought about a collective noun.
Not quite all charging away, as the middle one didn't have a Type 2 charging lead, and only the post on the left had a domestic three pin socket for the 'emergency' charger supplied with the Leaf, the others have the faster Type 2 Mennekes socket. Mine (on the right) is using a type 2 cable which goes direct from the post to the car. The one on the left is using the 'emergency' charger.
I'm not keen on the box that hangs down about a foot from the plug, I'm not convinced that's going to last or be waterproof. I was hoping they would have gotten around to supplying a suitable type 2 cable with the new cars, but it appears not.
1,300 miles in and I'm still enjoying mine. I'm living with the range without a problem. A couple of occasions I've had to plan in advance when I was going to charge up, in order to make longer journeys, but nothing insurmountable. I'd still recommend one to anyone who drives less than 30 miles a day and has a place to charge up.