Wednesday 5 June 2013

Enough Leafs to fill an autumn

This is an old post, preserved for reference.
The products and services mentioned within are no longer available.

They're multiplying! The three charging bays at work were full again today, three black Nissan Leafs. Is it 'Leafs', I don't think 'Leaves' is right, although I'm not sure there are normally enough of them in the same place for anyone to have thought about a collective noun.
Not quite all charging away, as the middle one didn't have a Type 2 charging lead, and only the post on the left had a domestic three pin socket for the 'emergency' charger supplied with the Leaf, the others have the faster Type 2 Mennekes socket. Mine (on the right) is using a type 2 cable which goes direct from the post to the car. The one on the left is using the 'emergency' charger.
I'm not keen on the box that hangs down about a foot from the plug, I'm not convinced that's going to last or be waterproof. I was hoping they would have gotten around to supplying a suitable type 2 cable with the new cars, but it appears not.
1,300 miles in and I'm still enjoying mine. I'm living with the range without a problem. A couple of occasions I've had to plan in advance when I was going to charge up, in order to make longer journeys, but nothing insurmountable. I'd still recommend one to anyone who drives less than 30 miles a day and has a place to charge up.

2022 Update: I am pleased to say when I bought my second Leaf in 2016, they did supply a Type 2 charging lead with the car.