Monday 6 May 2019

Update rollup

This is an old post, preserved for reference.
The products and services mentioned within are no longer available.

There have been quite a few updates to existing products recently, so I thought I'd do an update rollup. In true Microsoft style, please don't turn off your computer, this may take a while

Minstrel V2.7

I am now shipping V2.7 Minsterl ZX80 clone boards. Changes since V2.6 include the removal of the 24/28 pin ROM selection option - I don't think anyone was using it, so I remove it to save having to fit the three wire links, and to avoid confusion (several people had forgotten to fit the links).
I've changed the NTSC jumper from a 2 pin into PAL/NTSC 3 pin jumper. The PAL position doesn't do anything, but it stops you having a loose jumper if you aren't using NTSC mode.
I have also added a position to add the optional resistor that reduced the video signal level for some TVs that are a bit picky.
You can fit the resistor on the back, or on the front, but it's not marked on the front, so it's not obviously missing if you don't fit it - most TVs don't need it.

IEEE-488 Diagnostics

The board has been updated to include test points for meter / scope / logic analysers. The white bordered pins are ground. The rest are the 16 signal lines.

Dual USB joystick - internal version

I have added the internal mount version of the dual 9 way D USB joystick adapters. This uses two flying leads with sockets on to suit cases with 9 way D cutouts at various spacings - even different sides of the case.

Userport save / power monitor / SD2IEC power / etc.

The Future Was 8 Bit Userport saver has been expanded to have all sorts of other superpowers. 
Now includes:
  • extending the userport to save wear from frequent use
  • a pin header for user port expansion
  • a reset button
  • a voltmeter monitoring the 5V rail
  • a method of powering an SD2IEC without typing up the datasette port

Clear C64 cases

Also just about visible above is the new clear versions of the C64 cartridge case.
These look rather nice, don't they.


That's about it for updates.
I'm still working hard on the SD2PET.
Here are a few more photos of the SD2PET Future, currently in testing.