Tuesday 8 February 2022

The Blog Returns

I am slowly bringing the old blog posts back online.

Each post will have a message at the top explaining its status.

This is an old post, preserved for reference.
The products and services mentioned within are no longer available.

With the exception of the items listed below, I am no longer able to supply the products these blog posts describe and promote. Component availability and shipping problems mean it is no longer possible to get the parts required, or post the items out worldwide, I would ask that you accept that and refrain from requesting anything not listed here.

Some items available via the Tynemouth store at the Future Was 8 bit:

"Final Edition" Vintage Computer kits - whilst stocks last!

Pre-assembled products
  • Mini PET 40/80D - (NEW) Replacement mainboard for Commodore PETs, supports 40 and 80 column mode, normal and business keyboards. Built in SD2PET SD card drive
  • PET ROM/RAM - Replacement ROM and RAM for Commodore PETs
  • SD2PET - IEEE-488 SD card drive for Commodore PETs
  • VIC 20 Penultimate Cartridge+ - Menu driven RAM and ROM cartridge for the VIC 20
Games on tape
  • 3D Monster Maze - The best game for the ZX81 remade for the Commodore PET / Mini PET
  • Tut-Tut - PET / Mini PET version of David Stephenson's excellent ZX Spectrum game
Digital downloads of the games are available via my Itch.io store
Anything not listed above is unfortunately no longer available. And no, I don't have just one left that I could sell you. And yes, I have checked down the back of the sofa. TFW8b support cannot help with any of my other products, only the ones they currently sell, so please do not ask.

Whilst the blog has been offline, I have been posting via my Patreon. I will start to bring some of the older posts from there onto here once I have finished working through the existing blog posts.

The new posts will be highlights of the posts on Patreon. I will continue to provide early access to the new posts and exclusive behind the scenes development blogs and updates on the Patreon. 

You can follow along on there if you like. 


Update: Most of the posts are back online now. I have decided not to bring back any of the USB keyboard posts, as they create too many enquires.