Friday, 1 April 2022

Mini PET 40/80 Advanced Level Kit

We have had a lot of feedback on the Mini PET 40/80 kits, everyone seems to like them, which is great. However, one issue keeps coming up, apparently the kits I make are too easy to assemble.

Introducing the Advanced Level kits. 

With these, I have tried to make things a bit more difficult, and have removed some of the helpful hints you used to get, like silkscreen component values.

Component placement is now more of a challenge, take all the parts provided, and attempt to arrange them into a working machine.

The boards aren't entirely blank of course, there is a model and version number on the back for reference.

Further hints will eventually be provided if no one manages to find the solution.

Also, we found that some people didn't like having to cut up the paper labels for the keyboard keys, so they have now been colour coded instead of using the labels.

Obviously, with a kit like this, detailed instructions would normally be required. The foremost technical authors of the land have provided such a manual.

They would be grateful if you could fill it in as you go.

So there you have it, the advanced difficultly level Mini PET 40/80 kit. 

Available now from

For anyone wanting the old easy to assemble kits with full build instructions, those are still available here: