Sunday 6 March 2022

Items for Sale at Sell My Retro (UK Only)

I have reactivated my SellMyRetro store and added a whole load of new listings.

This is a small UK based listing site, specifically designed for retro computers, and run by the guy behind RWAP, who does the best ZX81 and ZX Spectrum membranes.

I am having a clear out and listing everything I can find. I will be adding more things including maybe one or two built up Minstrels or Mini PETs once I have had a sort out. There are quite a few of some of the items, but only one or two in some cases.

I have also listed most of the remaining stock of USB keyboard controllers. I don't plan to make any more of those, but I still have quite a few built up of various models, so just want to clear those out. When I brought the blog back, I removed all the posts about USB keyboards etc., I think there time is over.

A lot of the listings are PCB only, I have passed on the fun of trying to source all the necessary parts to you, the buyer. Good luck. Please check the parts lists before ordering to ensure you can get all the parts you will need. Everything is through hole soldering, and all parts are still in production, although some are long term out of stock at major suppliers. The exception being the dual port RAM used in the Minstrel 4th and Mini PETs which has recently been discontinued. No, sorry, I don't have any of those, if I did, there would have been more kits (remaining full kit versions still available at ).

The way it works on there, if you want to order multiple items, you click buy on each of them, but don't pay, then click to request an invoice, where I will give you a total with combined postage.

I am afraid I have had to list everything as UK only. International shipping is still not practical. Sorry to my international friends, as soon as I can sort out some mechanism that can deal properly with the requisite export systems I will let you know. I can't justify the fees that would be required to get appropriate accountants and tax agents to be able to export with the current system. Please address all complains to the UK Government.

Some of the listing might be a little short, or contain the odd typo or photo of a different version of the board. I'll improve them over time if this works out to be viable. Ideally I would be selling kits, and selling them worldwide. The best I can do at the moment is sell PCBs within the UK. Not ideal, but the alternative is "do you want fries with that?".

Again, just to be clear, these are shipping to the UK only.

I can't ship anywhere else, please do not ask.